Election 2013: Our Duty as the Citizens of Pakistan

Simple, vote!

Vote for the right and deserving candidate. Vote to the best of our efforts, because voting just to the best of our knowledge is not enough.

Why should I even bother?

It is our obligation to cast our vote, even if we disagree with the electoral process from the religious or any other perspective.

What? Yes, my friend, let’s check this out quickly.

In the general elections, while casting their votes through the ballot, the voters actually,

  • Testify that a particular candidate is worthy of becoming a spokesperson for their country,
  • Recommend the candidate of their choice to represent them and
  • Advocate the candidate as their agent in their collective rights.

We may belong to the different school of thoughts; yet, most of us have some idea of Islam’s general perspective on false testimony, unjustified recommendation, and prohibited advocacy. Let me just put it this way. Every sinful action of such candidates (if elected) will be logged against the deeds of all those voted for them in the elections.

When it comes to violation of collective rights, then a mere repent from the voter would not be enough. Unless everyone, whose rights these candidates have violated during the electoral term, forgives them explicitly!

Are you getting my point now?

So my friend, let’s carry out our duty honestly. We should exercise all due diligence that we can humanly do while casting our votes to elect the deserving candidates.


Note: above image “Vote Election 2013 Pakistan” by “firekid2003, is available on Deviantart under an Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) license.

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